Early 2018 we received a brand-new Laser Cutter from a US company called “GlowForge”.
Intended as a hobby however friends & family quickly took interest and as a result, we started to receive requests.
In association with our original company "designsyours.co.uk" we decided to start advertising our Laser Cutting skills and services under the brand “GARARUNE”

A Lazer What!

A lot of our friends have said “A Laser What?” so I think it would be good to actually explain.
In simple terms it can
cut, score or engrave sheet materials.

It’s very similar to a printer (well a plotter) however instead of writing onto paper it uses a laser to burn/cut into the material.

What we cut

We prefer to cut sheets that are 2mm, 3mm or 4mm thick however you can cut thicker sheets but with difficulty. Instead cutting multiple layers and gluing them together works better.
Cutting area can go up to
496mm x 279mm (19.5in x 11in)

When you need bigger then you can simply build joins into the design. We mainly use birch wood, mdf or acrylic for most of our products however we also have worked on many other materials.

Where we are

KentWe are based in Kent in the UK and plan to mainly targeting individuals in the same area.

However are happy to provide services anywhere in the UK and around the world

What we make

We have been mainly asked to make simple cut designs such as:
Badges, Medals, Buttons & Keyrings
however it’s very easy to make much more complex products such as:
Boxes, Cases, Wallets, Coin Holders, Picture Frames, Etc…

Cost model

Cost is based on a combination of elements. For example:
Material Cost, Cutting Time, Packaging/Shipping, Labour
And then further calculated based on time & effort involved for Desigining, packaging, etc...


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